The finest beer, both worldwide and from local breweries in Duluth, MN

Beer Duluth MN

We carry your favorite beers, from the major breweries to the local craft brewers.

Our selection changes regularly to provide new choices for the adventurous shopper. Check our "New Beers" section for the latest additions!

With 14 doors on the beer cooler, all set for 36 degrees, we have the largest selection of ice cold beer around! We stock all the major brands of domestic beers and also many micro brews and craft beers from throughout the United States. We have a nice selection of imported beers from Canada, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, China, Scotland, England, and Belgium. We have free beer tastings at the store whenever a brewery representative is available to us.

We also have many non-alcoholic beers to choose from. O’douls, Sharps, Labatt Nordic, Buckler, Becks, Busch, Coors, and Clausthaler (regular and golden amber) round out the choices. There’s always lots of Special Prices on beer at the Lake Aire Bottle Shop liquor store.

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