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Our wine is arranged by regions of the world, so all your favorite Australian Wines will be together! We also have sections for French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, New Zealand, and Hungarian wine. We also carry a variety of American wine including California wine, wines from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and local Minnesota wines. We have a nice selection of Organic Wines with no added sulfites and also Non-Alcoholic Wines and Champagnes.  We have over 150 different wines chilled at all times.  We also have a wine chilling machine that can chill any bottle of wine in 5 minutes!!!!


Speaking of Champagnes, we have everything from Andre to Dom Perignon. Watch our website for future times for our informal wine tastings. We usually try to have a tasting on a Friday night from 4-7 PM. These free events will be announced in our Duluth News Tribune ad and also in our weekly e-mail newsletter. Sign up now for our newsletter and check out what’s happening at Lake Aire. [more wine pictures]


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